Upcoming Events

  1. Columbia Law School Presents Back to the Basics: Enduring Challenges in International Arbitration Law

  2. Energy Geopolitics and Security in the Western Hemisphere

  3. Distinguished Lecture: Walking a Fine Line: Balancing Property Rights, Energy Production, and the Environment

  4. Save the Date: 12th Annual ITA-ASIL Conference on Corruption in International Arbitration: Evidence and Remedies

  5. Austin Electricity Conference

  6. Distinguished Lecture: Shifting Political Dynamics: Emerging Energy Issues in the Developing World

Previous Events

  1. Dr. Martin Doyle, “Using Markets for Environmental Management”

  2. NGP Industry Panel

  3. KBH Energy Center holds Symposium on “The Geopolitics of Oil & Gas in the Americas” at UT Austin

  4. UT Energy Week

  5. 2015 NAPE Summit

  6. Distinguished Lecture: Practicing Tax Law at the Largest Corporation in America, ExxonMobil