Environmental Implications of the 2014 Drought in Central Texas/Hill Country

Join us for the fifth and final installment of the Energy Center’s Spring 2014 Distinguished Lecture Series. Listen to water experts Christy Muse, Executive Director, Hill Country Alliance (HCA), and Lyn Clancy, Senior Water Policy Advisor at the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), discuss the severe drought gripping Central Texas/Hill Country that shows little sign of relenting in 2014 and its environmental implications.

Listen to an audio recording of the lecture.

See Lyn Clancy’s PowerPoint presentation.

About Christy Muse
Since 2005, Christy Muse has served as the Executive Director of HCA. She travels extensively throughout the Hill Country hosting gatherings of interested stakeholders, speaking at community meetings, participating in educational programs, and meeting with landowners and residents alike. Her personal HCA objectives are to weave a network of smart action-oriented people who care about this special region, to connect the many valuable conservation initiatives, to avoid redundancy, and to create unique informative resources that are shared freely and generously.

About Lyn Clancy
A frequent presenter on water rights, Lyn Clancy is Managing Associate General Counsel & Senior Water Policy Advisor at the Lower Colorado River Authority and is editor-in-chief of the Texas Environmental Law Journal. Her specialties include: Texas water rights, water supply acquisition and development, river management and flood liability, and water policy and planning. Clancy is a Board member of the Texas Water Conservation Association, and has served as chair of its Water Laws committee, and received the TWCA President’s Award in 2007. She holds masters’ degrees in water resources management and water chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned her J.D. from the University of Texas School of Law.

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