Jeff Civins, “Environmental lawyer skeptical of need for new federal fracking legislation” (SNL Financial)

Jeff Civins, a parter in the Austin office of Haynes and Boone and an Energy Center advisory board member, expressed skepticism about proposed federal hydraulic fracturing regulation in an April 12 SNL Financial article.

“You shouldn’t regulate unless there’s a need,” Civins cautioned. “Before we spend a lot of time legislating, we ought to take a look and see if there’s a problem that requires legislation. … That gets to the whole [problem] with fracking, where people are concerned about it without looking at what actually is involved.”

Civins is an adjunct professor at the University of Texas School of Law, where he has taught an environmental litigation course since 1992, and a co-editor of the Thomson West Texas Practice 2-volume treatise on Texas Environmental Law.