Letter from the Executive Director

The Kay Bailey Hutchison Center, a vital part of the University of Texas at Austin, operates at the intersection of energy, policy, law, and business.  From industry leaders to engaged and thoughtful students, from government representatives to academic and community leaders, the KBH Center lies at the heart of our global energy discussion.

United States crude output is poised to overtake that of Saudi Arabia in 2018, and Texas leads the nation in proven crude oil reserves, production and overall refining capacity.  Texas likewise leads the nation in proven natural gas reserves, natural gas production and total electricity production – in fact, Texas produces nearly twice the electricity of any other state.

The diversity of its energy resources also sets Texas apart. Texas contributed 25% of the nation’s wind-powered electrical generation in 2016.  Texas is also a top ten state in solar energy production and a top three state in solar energy employment.  Texas offers growing opportunities in biomass, bio fuel and geothermal technologies, and all together, Texas provides more than 20% of the country’s domestically produced energy.

But the role of Texas in energy doesn’t stop at the nation’s borders.  According to current Energy Department projections, the U.S. will be a net energy exporter by 2022, much of it shipped from Texas facilities.  It is already a net exporter of natural gas and refined products.  A significant shift in energy sources and uses is underway.

Around the world, developed and developing nations need more energy to fuel their economies and advance their standard of living.  There are opportunities for governments, communities, businesses and their investors to come together to address the challenges.  The global nature of energy demands international solutions to complex issues.  And the leaders that tackle those issues require commercial, diplomatic, and legal skills that surpass the traditional boundaries between business, politics and law.

So it seems natural that the School of Law and the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas would join to form the KBH Center for Energy, Law, and Business.  Texas has a proven track record of successfully regulating energy to the mutual benefit of its communities and industries, and Austin is its capital.  As such, the Center is well positioned to partner with the rest of the world to champion leadership and understanding of energy.

The KBH Center offers an interdisciplinary study of energy. We bring together students, faculty, practitioners, and government officials at every level.  We leverage the unparalleled collection of energy-related talent, expertise and knowledge in Texas and at the University of Texas to strengthen the business and legal education of future leaders in the energy industry.  We convene current leaders and experts for discussion, study and analysis.  At our core, we create professional networks for effective collaboration.  Please join us in our mission.


Sylvia J. Kerrigan

Executive Director