Graduate Business Students

Graduate Programming and Opportunities for Energy Curriculum

MBA Clean Tech Finance

The CleanTech concentration prepares you for a career in renewable energy, energy efficiency and emissions abatement. This field is one of the fastest growing employment areas for MBAs. Clean technology companies are seeking MBAs who not only have excellent business skills, but also a solid understanding of the technology and policy aspects affecting their industry, as well as project and risk management skills. Accordingly, the CleanTech concentration at McCombs gives you the opportunity to combine courses across various schools to best prepare for their career of choice. You will also connect with Austin’s booming CleanTech industry through the Clean Energy Incubator and a variety of on- and off-campus opportunities.

MBA Energy Finance Graduate Portfolio Program in Energy Studies

The Graduate Portfolio Program in Energy Studies (GPPES) was offered for the first time in the spring semester of 2014. It is offered by the UT Energy Institute and is open to students who are currently registered in any UT graduate program. The GPPES takes an interdisciplinary approach designed to give students a broad picture of the energy field that considers energy issues from an overall policy perspective, based on an understanding of the technological and environmental pressures involved. Completion of the GPPES is noted on the student’s final transcript, providing future employers with an indication of the student’s credentials in the field.