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Energy Management Program

A dynamic regulatory environment and sophisticated resource owners make the modern era of energy production far more complex than it was 30 years ago. Technological advancements in deep-water operations, wind energy and unconventional shale resources present new challenges for energy professionals. Leaders need flexible and creative commercial arrangements to accommodate operations.

Our Energy Management Program equips students to successfully meet these challenges by training them in business, geoscience, petroleum operations and law. Elective coursework provides students with increased understanding of environmental issues, sustainable development, energy trading, and alternative energy solutions.

Energy Challenge Course

The BP Helios Challenge course is a collaborative learning experience in which undergraduate students work with McCombs faculty and energy industry professionals to learn about compelling real-world issues and propose creative solutions. BP will provide the students with a broad description of a problem of global significance and then coach the students in thinking critically about a practical solution.

  • The course will be offered in fall semesters only and is open to undergraduate business school students.
  • You must apply and be accepted before registering for the course.
  • The application will open mid-spring.

Objectives for Students:

  1. Apply the theory acquired in formal courses to a practical issue associated with the energy industry.
  2. Improve team-work and leadership skills while solving a real problem with a real client.
  3. Utilize project planning and presentation skills while interfacing with a client.

Industry coaches/lecturers will pose a Big Idea, which is a broad concept that has far-reaching consequences and can be explored in a variety of ways. From this, the students will generate multiple Essential Questions, and eventually narrow in on a specific Challenge. Coaches and students will work on guiding questions and lessons to explore the Challenge and provide a structured approach to find a solution. Solutions should be clearly documented and presented. Interim homework assignments will include recording self-reflections on project progress, presenting short research findings to the class, and conducting interviews with industry professionals as needed. Students are required to travel to BP’s office in Houston at the conclusion of the semester to present their work.

While the faculty and industry coaches are available for help and will oversee the organization of the project and guide students’ efforts, the completion of the work is largely left to the students teams, including but not limited to, negotiating project scope, setting milestones and conducting research necessary to gather data and find industry standard analyses approaches.